CONTRARATIO is a player corporation in the critically acclaimed Sci-Fi MMO, Eve Online. Our members cover all parts of the globe, and specialize in almost every aspect of the game, but despite being multicultural and diverse as players, we all share common interest in PVP and strengthening the corporation. As a family, we take in players of all experience levels and teach them how to be proficient team players setting them up for success. As a military organization, we teach players to be proficient starship captains and exert their will over the battlefield. With structured divisions in the key areas of industry, finance and logistics, Contra Ratio is also an effective business model which means we will be around for our players for a long time. As part of DARKNESS alliance, we help to control stable and resource dense areas of the map to give our players the opportunities they deserve.
12 active players in CONTRARATIO.
With 75% of players in US/NA time zones.
In CHKM8 we build families of players, not just beneficial relationships. We welcome players from all walks of life and previous specialties in eve. Our corporation is comprised of active players that stretch across multiple timezones.
Staying in touch is easy with the use of Discord and Teamspeak 3, our corporation hosts it's own servers for internal use in addition to those used by larger bodies of players that we are a part of. Streamlined services for corp/alliance/coalition keeps things easy.
91% efficient in combat.
Check out our full stats on zkillboard.
The philosophy of continual improvement and pushing both ships and pilot skill to safe limits and beyond is part of life in Contra Ratio. As a corporation, we specialize in small and micro gang fighting where every action counts, and every ship contributes something important to the battle. However, our players also engage in plenty of medium and large scale action as part of DARKNESS alliance, and GOTG coalition, which are both active military organizations.
many regions have been covered by CONTRARATIO members this week
We are an active roaming corporation that prides it's self on finding content and administering hurt on other players. Our corporation has diverse interests but all players are expected to participate in corp roams and objectives, especially where killing other players in concerned. We often use wormholes to navigate New Eden and shorten the distance to our targets, however the use of small and/or agile ships is also prevalent in our combat, making longer journeys possible.

Interested in joining?

Applications are handled on a case by case basis. If you are interested in joining our corporation, the best place to start is by getting to know us on our public Discord server or by having a friend or a vouch in the corp. Either of these will greatly increase your chance of approval, once you do decide to formally apply.
The requirements to join CONTRARATIO are as follows:
  • 20 Million SP
  • Working microphone
  • Willingness to PVP
  • Willingness to participate in corp objectives
Some of the rules for members of CONTRARATIO
  • Must be on Teamspeak at all times when playing
  • Must monitor corp Discord at all times when you could play
  • No drama, must be a reasonable human being
When you are ready to apply:
Join Server