The Corporation

24 Active Players
75% Americas
94% Effective


A uniquely ambitious and powerful corporation, Contra Ratio was born into a time in Eve Online when one single power reigned supreme. Our mission statement is simple: to extinguish systems of power who become too large, too unwieldy, too oppressive. We're prepared to make the hard decision when it counts, gamble where others would change their minds, and demonstrate mental discipline in all situations.

We hold a number of records and New Eden first's, we create members who are pioneers and shift metas, and live by the philosophy that one should never doubt their own potential.

When it comes to our culture, we believe in quality of information and debate, uncompromising attention to detail in analysis, social interactions which are lasting and meaningful, and hands on training and guidance for our members.


  • 20,000,000 skill points and Omega clone status
  • Working mic, Ts3, Discord
  • Be willing to PVP and take part in group objectives
  • Full ESI tokens for all chars


  • One-on-one training and mentorship from field experts
  • Custom web enabled corporate services (packed with features)
  • Regular events with free ships and random giveaways
  • Access to content in all areas of space including
    • Nullsec
    • Lowsec
    • Wormholes


Contra Ratio is not a one-trick pony. Our interest in the game sweeps from highsec mining and incursions to nullsec campaigns and conquest, with stops at every major activity in between. By joining, you agree to never limit yourself, continually improve and try new things, and always accept a challenge. Fun is guaranteed when barriers for entry are removed and players have open minds.

During our time in Eve, we have sponsored and mentored dozens of capsuleers who have gone on to become powerful business owners, warlords, fleet and campaign commanders, military and fitting experts, nearly every career field you can think of. Our commitment to our players success is unwavering, and there is no "old boys club" or other barriers to entry for this treatment.


  • Spring, YC118

    Corporation Founded

    Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of Adaptation Alliance, Contra Ratio was born to meet the call of battle it's predecessor was unable to fulfill. The loyal denizens of ADPT pledged allegiance the corporation in a bid to continue fighting and establish control in the north.

  • Summer, YC118

    World War Bee Ends

    With the help of groups like Contra Ratio, Allied forces are able to extinguish our enemies and lay to rest a chapter that will live on in Eve history. Contra Ratio members on the front lines redouble efforts and are pivotal during the claiming of our new territory.

  • Fall, YC118

    First Keepstar in New Eden

    Although CCP had confirmed the presence of a Keepstar in anchored state prior, the 209G-D Keepstar was the first in the universe to be turned online and defended. It was named in honor of Contra Ratio in recognition for the corporation's contributions to the campaign.

  • Fall, YC119

    Contra Leads Coalition Assault

    Contra Ratio spearheaded the initial assault on MTO2 by allied forces, which would become the largest conflict of YC119. With the help of Fleet Commanders and members of corp, allied forces were able to sieze Billions of hostile assets and cripple defending alliances.

  • Summer, YC120

    The Dawn of a New Era

    Contra enters it's next phase of growth and evolution as we invite you to come take part in shaping our stories and our history. You will be accepted on your own merit, and can grow your personal empire alongside players who have helped shape Eve Online. Want to sign up?

Interested in joining?

Applications are handled on a case by case basis. If you are interested in joining our corporation, the best place to start is by getting to know us on our public Discord server or by having a friend or a vouch in the corp. Either of these will greatly increase your chance of approval, once you do decide to formally apply.
Some of the rules for members of CONTRARATIO
  • Must be on Teamspeak at all times when playing
  • Must monitor corp Discord at all times when you could play
  • No drama, must be a reasonable human being
When you are ready to apply:
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